Ashlei D. Williams

Simply put, writing is my passion. With a bachelor’s from Spelman College and a master’s from Northwestern University, I have been telling stories for business, philanthropic, minority and academic audiences for a decade now.


A journalist by trade, just before venturing out on my own, served as the editorial director of two B2B magazines, where I developed the company’s style guide, doubled the freelance writing staff, produced two video series, and launched targeted advertising and marketing endeavors.


As my work in media innovation increased, I decided to put my skills to the test in the consumer world. What started as freelance media relations and creative writing projects for a boutique marketing agency, grew into a spread of services and clients.


In that same year, I moved across the country from the Midwest to the West Coast. Things were shaken up, to say the least. And when the dust settled in 2016, GJC Publicity was born.


The irony is that though I am a writer, there aren’t enough words to accurately convey what writing means to me or how entrepreneurship has helped me to fully step into my existence as a creative.


The best explanation that I have is that my writing exists in the abyss, between art and science. Give me a pen with paper or a keyboard, and I can show you better than I can tell you.